Customer Testimonials

Read what some of our customers are saying about our lawn care, landscaping, and snow removal services.
Billy D's does a great job, and shows up every week to cut my grass. My lawn looks great, thank you billy d.
Ron T, Lancaster, NY
Billy D's Lawn Care installed new landscaping at my house. It looks great!!! Thanks guys, great job.
Aggie G , Depew, NY
You guys did a great job plowing this year, thank you for doing a good job.
John P, Depew, NY
Pizza Shop
Billy D's is the best plow guy I ever had. Always shows up. Thanks for the good service.
Sam G , Depew, NY
Billy D's installed a small tree in my back yard. It looks great, thanks again.
Amy T, Depew, NY
I'm very pleased with Billy D's weekly lawn service, there quick and clean.
Art Z , Depew, NY
Thank you for doing such a nice job on my spring cleanup.
Tom P , Lancaster, NY
My place of business always looks great.., thank you to you and all your guys.
Greg T , Alden , NY
Constrution Company
Great job snowplowing this season my lot was always plowed by the morning.
Pete, Depew, NY
Tv Company
You guys are the best lawn cutters I've ever had.
Ann M, Cheektowaga NY
Great job with trimming my bushes and installing my mulch.
Karen G , Depew, NY
You and your guys did a great job on my lawn this season, thank you.
Sharon P , Cheektowaga , NY
Than you for your good service , my place looks great. The bushes you planted look awesome.
Mike M , Cheektowaga , NY
Truck Mechanic
Billy Ds cut and Maintains seven of our properties. Each property Billy Ds cuts and does all of the landscaping at each location. Each location looks very very good. Your company is very reliable and very good at what they do.
Victor C , Property Manager , Lancaster, Depew
Gas Station
Than you for making my life a little easier by maintaining my property for me , thank you to you and all your guys.
Jen D , Depew , NY
Billy Ds did a great job with snow plowing are shop this season, thank you.
TJ , Depew, NY
Tire shop
Great service this winter, you guys worked hard this winter.
Sharon D , Cheektowaga ,NY
Great job snowplowing this season.
Joy H , Depew ,NY
Great job cutting my lawn last season, I like that use the small mowers in the back yard.
Tom Z , Cheektowaga ,NY
Good job plowing this season, you guys worked hard.
Bill , Lancaster ,NY
Tire Company
My landscaping looks great, thanks to you and your staff.
Pete , Elma NY
Car Dealership
Thank you for your great service this winter at my moms house.
Andy P, Depew , NY
Another good season of plowing, thank you.
Mary P, Lancaster , NY
Your lawn service and snow plowing services are very good, I was very pleased with both season of service.
Rene G, West Seneca, NY
Thank you for doing a good job this year snow plowing, see you in the spring.
Dan C, Lancaster, NY
Great job with the snow plowing this season.
Dave G , Depew , NY
Family Counselor
Thank you for taking my bushes out so early in season. Good price, good work.
Sue P, Depew , NY
Good jog trimming the branches on the trees in the back yard. Looks great now my yard is ready for spring time.
Eric R , Cheektowaga , NY
Good job with snow plowing this season.
Joy H , Lancaster ,NY
Tough winter this season, good job dealing with the bad weather.
Amy H, Depew , NY
Heating Comp.
Are lot was always cleared and plowed, nice plowing this season.
Tom P, Lancaster, NY
What a difference when you have a plow company who actually shows up. Thank you for a great job.
James N, Depew , NY
Your crew did a fantastic job with my spring cleanup. Super job, thank you
Florence Z, Lancaster ,NY
I have to say that was the best spring cleanup I ever had, thank you for a job well done
Kim K , Lancaster , NY
Great job on the landscaping, looks fantastic.
Barb B, Depew ,NY
"We love your lawn care crew, you guys are great "
Robert & Patrica, Depew NY
I was very satisfied with the lawn cutting service you provided me with this season
Terry B , Depew NY
You guys do a great job, your are best landscaping company we use.
Rick Z, Lancaster NY
Gas Station
Thank you for a great season, a thank you to all your guys, they work very hard, and do a great job.
Mike M, Cheektowaga NY
Funeral Home
The best spring cleanup we ever had, were definitely signing up again.
Kathy K
Real Estate
Thank you for doing a good job on your lawn.
Chris K
Nail Salon
Good job snow plowing this year.
Jack J
Liqueur Store
Thank you for great service this winter, see you in the spring.
Joe M, Lancaster, NY
Great spring cleanup guys, very happy.
Terrie D, Depew, NY
Best decision I made calling Billy Ds. Great lawn service and very reasonably priced.
Tom P ,Lancaster NY
Good job with trimming my landscaping, it looks great
Alice M, Cheektowaga NY
Did a great job with my lawn last season I would recommend you guys to anyone, should of called you sooner.
Cheryl P , Depew NY
Doing a great plowing this season, thanks better they other guys I had, your a life savier.
Art T , Lancaster NY
Embroidery company
My place is 24 HRs, it needs to be plowed and you guys show up, you do a nice job, never had to call you, thank you.
Steve T , Lancaster NY
Fitness/ Gym
Thanks for taking care of my moms driveway, one less thing to worry about.
Debbie F, Depew NY
Thank you for your prompt attention to my lawn, it looks great.
Barbara H , Depew NY
Great job to you and your crew, lawn looks great.
Don P , Lancaster NY
Billy plowed me this season. The big storm came and I never had to call him. He just kept showing up. Thank you Billy D.
Dawn T. Lancaster NY
Great job during the snow storm. You guys work hard, I’m glad I have you , God Bless.
Rita G. Depew NY
Great job this winter, the Xmas storm was bad. You guys were great. Thank you for taking care of my plaza and my customers.
Blake T. Depew NY
Plaze on George Urban
Great job plowing so far this season.
Max R. Depew NY
Mechanic shop, George Urban Blvd
Great job plowing so far this season.
Max R. Depew NY
Mechanic shop, George Urban Blvd
Thank you for a great year of plowing during a VERY difficult winter.
Heidi G., Depew NY
Thank you for a great lawn cutting season. You guys did a great job and crew is nice guys.
Tom K., Lancaster NY
My landscaping looks great. You guys can maintain my bushes every year, thank you.
Joyce B., Lancaster NY
I just want to say you guys do a wonderful job and the boys on the crew are very polite and efficient.
Nancy K. , Depew NY
Thank you for a nice soil job your company did on my property. Looks wonderful.
Pat R. , Lancaster NY
Just mailed in my renewal, thank you for a great season. You guys did a nice job
Steve G. , Cheektowaga NY
Your company removed my bushes this season. Nice job, cleaned up and removed everything like you said. Thank you I will recommend you to everyone at the senior center.
Paul Z. , Cheektowaga NY
You guys do a great job on my lawn, caring and respectful. Thank you Billy D
Beverly S., Depew NY
Another great season by you guys. Lawn always looked great.
Kim P., Cheektowaga NY

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Great job snowplowing this season my lot was always plowed by the morning.

Pete, Depew, NY
Tv Company